Tomato & Vegetable Bubble


  • No weighing is required.
  • Increases the production of healthier and higher quality garden crops.
  • Specially designed nutrition balance for fruits and vegetables.


  • Item Weight: 1.97 Ounces
  • Item Form: 14 Fizzing Tablets
  • Liquid Volume: 56 Liters

Nutrient Ratio

  • N : 14
  • P2O5 : 14
  • K2O : 14
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Tomato & Vegetable Bubble

Water Soluble Fertilizer for Tomatoes, Veggies, Herbs and Fruits

Edible Crop Formula

Dr. Joe Tomato & Vegetable Bubble is specially formulated with an ideal ratio of essential nutrients for all indoor and outdoor plants to grow strong and produce more fruits and vegetables


Dr. Joe’s Drop-and-Go 2-step formula is super easy and fun. No measuring, no mixing, no spoons or stirring required. Just drop 1 Tablet into 1 gallon of water and the tablet freely dissolves


Compact and easy to use. 14 tablets in a 1.97oz tube makes 14 gallons of fertilizer and each gallon covers up to 100ft2. Feed your plants every week while they are actively growing.


Whether you are a pro or starting your first garden, you will be able to create blooming plants in no time. Feed your plants to grow faster, healthier, and more vibrant.


Use it on all vegetables, flowers, potted houseplants, fruits, as well as on all trees and shrubs in your garden. It’s also great for various life stages, including transplanting, repotting, and rooting.

Just Drop & Go!

Easy as 1-2-3

01. DROP

No measuring, no spoons or scoops! Just Bring your watering can or container and simply plop 1 tablet into 1 gallon of water.

02. FIZZ

No mixing, no stirring, no shaking! This fizzy tablet will be freely dissolved into the water with fizzing and bubbling just like your effervescent vitamin.

03. BLOOM!

No Mess system to feed your plants. Water your plants with the nutrient-dense solution. Once a week is perfect. Each tablet feeds up to 100 ft² of the garden.


  • 1 tablet /4~8 liters of water/10m2, apply every 1~2 weeks
  • After complete dissolution of tablets, apply solution to plant and soil enough to make the surface wet


  • Avoid using for orchids
  • To maintain excellent solubility, seal the container properly and store in a cool place

Guaranteed Contents (%w/w)

N P2O5 K2O
14 14 14