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Easy gardening experiences

The best home gardening brand, Dr.Joe

Urban Healing

Dr.Joe increases your spiritual connection to the natural world that can help you to revive and re-centre.

Wellness Life

Dr. Joe supports a wellness lifestyle by providing an enjoyable experience in growing plants and promoting healthy.

Better Us, Better Earth

We make ourselves and the Earth better through sustainable horticulture.


We make ourselves and the Earth better through sustainable horticulture.

Core Values

You don’t need to be an expert to use Dr.Joe products and grow a healthier garden. Dr.Joe focuses on bringing effective gardening science to the home garden and making it accessible to the casual gardener. Dr.Joe provides an enjoyable experience while growing plants and makes the earth better through sustainable and safe gardening.

Wellness Life

Dr. Joe aims to promote a happy wellness lifestyle where individuals can grow their own ingredients and enjoy healthier and more delicious foods.

Urban Healing

Growing plants for a healthy life and finding spiritual comfort through communion with them.

Better Us, Better Earth

Join us in creating a better world through sustainable and eco-friendly gardening culture, a contemporary mega-trend, to promote a better us and a healthier planet.

Design Keyword

The design concept for Dr. Joe was developed by selecting the keywords: ‘Urban,’ ‘Sensual,’ and ‘Emotional.’


Dr. Joe is designed for people who seek to enjoy their lives independently in the busy city.


The brand enhances its credibility with a lightweight yet stylish and sensory visual approach.


It appeals to consumers with a premium brand image with emotional and soft visuals.

Graphic Motive

The graphic motif, inspired by the core values of the stethoscope and Dr. Joe, is employed in our products and advertisements to effectively communicate our brand.

Urban Healing

Representation of healthy life through plants

Wellness Life

Leaf form that embodies food culture

Better Us, Better Earth

Mind to realize eco-friendliness

식물곁엔 언제나 Dr. Joe

Dr.Joe는 전문 글로벌 가드닝 브랜드로 미국, 유럽 등 세계 30여개국에 판매하고 있습니다.

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