HI-COTE Advance


  • All raw materials are 100% polymer coated.
  • Precise nutrient release throughout the growing season. (up to 90days)
  • For use on a wide variety of plants.


  • 300g

Nutrient Ratio

  • N : 15
  • P2O5 : 15
  • K2O : 15
  • Etc. : Trace elements (S, Mg, Ca, B, Fe, Zn etc)



HI-COTE Advance

Homogeneous type polymer coated CRF Small packing for home garden

Introducing HI-COTE, the premium grade fertilizer.

With every single granule containing all necessary nutrients, your plants will be thanking you in no time. But it doesn’t stop there. Our fertilizer is also a control release formula that continuously feeds your plants for up to 3-4 months. Imagine not having to worry about constantly feeding your plants – our fertilizer does all the work for you. Plus, with a handy spoon included in every bottle, measuring out portions has never been easier.

  • Dr. Joe HI-COTE comes in 300g bottles and is a Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF).
  • Mix with potting soil when planting or transplanting; or sprinkle on top of the soil of established plants.
  • The polymer coating slows the release of the nutrients so that your plant receives the nutrients it needs over a longer period of time, saving you from having to reapply as often.


  • Apply every 3 months at the following recommended application rates
  • Pot : Broad cast evenly on top of the soil and water
  • Garden/field : Broadcast evenly near the plant and mix with the soil if possible

Recommended application rate

  • Orchid : 0.5~1.0 gram / pot (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Potted plant : 5 gram / pot
  • Flower, Bean, Leafy vegetable, Berries : 10~15 gram/plant
  • Perennial, Fruit vegetable : 100~150 gram / plant

Formula (%)

N P2O5 K2O Etc.
15 15 15 Trace elements (S, Mg, Ca, B, Fe, Zn etc)